Application and Care Instructions for Vinyl Labels

1- Start with a smooth, clean, and dry work surface. 

After receiving your labels, we recommend applying them as soon as possible. 

2- The second step is to align the sticker and decide where to place it. 

3- Rub the label against the clear transfer tape with a credit card or anything similar to ensure it has adhered. Discard the backing sheet. Only the label will be left. 

4- Apply the label to the surface that is aligned with the label's position. Use a credit card to press it firmly into place. 

5- Remove the clear transfer tape one layer at a time. Place the clear transfer tape down again and repeat the process if any labels do not adhere to the surface.

We cannot be held liable for labels that are damaged during the application process, so please take your time. Once a label is removed, it cannot be reinstated. 

What about washing them in the dishwasher? 

Labels are waterproof, but we recommend handwashing to get the most out of your label's life expectancy.

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