Our Story


Hi Beautiful person, I’m Tracey Lee.

Director of Sage & Co


Do you want to find more joy in your space? Do you want more time to focus more on what matters?  Let Sage & Co help you calm the chaos in your home or office by providing you with beautiful products and supporting selections with our personal in-home visits. Our aim is to transform clutter into tranquillity and give you the calmness that comes with neat and considered organisation. 

Sage & Co is a family-run business located near Sydney.

Sage & Co was created from a deep passion and desire to establish a sense of tidiness throughout my home. I constantly seek to create and access this feeling through the clever use of simple yet elegant products and processes that together exude those harmonious vibes essential for any happy home.  

I’m so excited to create and search the globe and bring you those homely and time-saving products and accessories that you will also fall in love with. There is no better feeling than opening a parcel you’ve ordered and feeling that anticipation and excitement about placing it into your home. I love that I can bring that joy and create less stress for others through my products and in-home service. 

As a mum, I know how hard it can be to keep a home organised and functioning well whilst juggling the demands of everyday life. 

Keeping things organised brings a sense of calm and peace to your space and, therefore, your life. Having an organised and aesthetically pleasing room in your home can also help reduce stress and anxiety; 

With our continually growing range, I hope you find everything you need for your home, and if not, please let me know what items you would like to see in our catalogue. I have personally selected products that I genuinely love and enjoy in my home to inspire a light and airy home feel, and I hope you love them too!

I look forward to helping organise one home at a time xx.

Please enjoy shopping with us at Sage & Co.