How to have a Pinterest worthy pantry.

What you must have for an organised 


by Tracey Lee


.Pantry organisation is not a simple task. You've undoubtedly gone down the #pinterestpantry never ending hole if you're reading this. The good news is that getting the beautiful, Pinterest-organized pantry of your dreams doesn't have to be stressful. 
The size or shape of your pantry doesn't matter. This blog will hopefully motivate you to organise your pantry shelves so that preparing meals and storing food can be as enjoyable as eating and purchasing it.

Pretty pantry
1. Start organising your pantry by pulling everything out. Then make sure to discard any items that are out of date or that you no longer use. 
2. Begin to group similar products together and categorise them into areas for snacks, baking, Cereals, Sauces etc. This makes it easy to find what you're looking for if they have been placed with similar items.
If you want to go allll the way and have a Home Edit finish. Then using clear tubs will help to achieve that look with placing multiple amounts of the same food product in each one. Then organising them by colour.
If you'd prefer to hide everything then use a white tub with bamboo lid or white open tubs and baskets.
3. Condiments or other like items can be put onto Turntables or lazy Susans. These are great for corner shelves and low and high spaces making it easy for you to reach everything. 

4. And last but certainly not least LABELS!!! This is where it all comes together and it makes it way easier to find everything and stops you from grabbing the wrong ingredients!



 1. Use quality airtight containers for storing items like chips, biscuits, crackers, cereals, bread, rice cakes etc

We currently stock the OXO range and our own brand Sage and CO


2. These gorgeous glass containers with bamboo lids are great for storing dry food like: pasta, lentils, flours, sugar etc. 

Having glass containers allows you to see the food item being stored which can really work to your benefit if you're wanting to colour code your pantry.


3. Showing off your spices in glass containers is another way to bring out  beautiful colours in your pantry.


4. Show off those beautiful tea bags in a clear containers and once again let the colours speak for themselves. These can be nicely colour co ordinated to help achieve that Pinterest perfect look.


5. Lazy Susans are your new best friend. Under benches. Corner Cupboards, High Spaces. ( Even your fridge will thank you using one of these to get all those sauces together)

To be "Pinterest Perfect" you want to use clear oil bottles and always have an odd number of bottles on the lazy Susan so that there is always a middle bottle. Filling the clear bottles with all different types of oils or sauces will once again allow those beautiful colours to shine.


6. As mentioned above clear containers are perfect for showing off the colour of the food packages and when done right can look absolutely stunning!



7. Baskets and Tubs are your new best friend. This is how you turn a standard pantry into a Pinterest perfect pantry. 

It creates a system, order and they look pretty too! 

They make for a great way to utilize all and any of the space you have plus they’re aesthetically pleasing! A win-win don't you think?

Stackable tubs are great too if you’re looking to save space in your pantry or simply don’t have enough pantry space.



8. Labels will help finish your pantry off and allow you to know where everything is. There are sticker labels like shown above and there are custom vinyl labels which can come in many colours.

Using swing tags are also a great options on baskets and tubs when it can be a little tricky to add a label.


9. If you struggle with trying to find a way to organise packets, these food packet trays work really well for that. 

These are also perfect for lining up Le Snacks or Museli Bars etc and once again, letting the repetitive pattern from the colours of the packets to create the wow factor in the pantry.


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