Why you should organise your home.

Who doesn’t love an organised home, right?

But where do you start?

Firstly, you should know what you have and where you can locate it. For two reasons: 1) to save money by not purchasing redundant items, and 2) to make the most of your available space. 

The fact that an orderly home is the cornerstone of wellness is a powerful motivator for many people, but it's even more important for me. After the chaos of 2020 and 2021, wouldn't it be nice to have a little simplicity in our lives? 

When I help my clients tidy their areas, I see a dramatic change in their demeanour. Congested areas feel heavy and hectic at the same time. Cleanliness has a calming effect, but it can also help you get things done more quickly.

A quick and easy way to organise your home is to.     

  1. clear the space and create categories. 2. Get rid of clutter. 3. Reduce the number of categories.  4. Place items into a Container or other such storage items.  5. Label 

As a general rule, if organisation is a problem for you, it's because you've got too many things. However, during the clearing process, I always ask my customers if there is anything of value that they would like to keep for themselves rather than donate it.

It's up to you to select how to package your things once they've been reduced down. Everything should have a definite place. When you get to this point, you'll be having a blast! So why not take advantage of the opportunity presented by your containment to beautify the environment?

Labelling is essential if you want to keep all your hard work! Labelling advice: Don't be too specific, as this will allow you some wiggle room. 

You may find us at @sageandcoaustralia on Instagram. If you have questions about organising, we're here to help.

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