Astonish Toilet Bowl Fizz and Fresh Tabs with Lemon - 8 Pack (8088545919232)

Astonish Toilet Bowl Fizz and Fresh Tabs with Lemon - 8 Pack

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To make the tedious labour easier for you, we created our toilet bowl tabs. Simply drop it into the bowl and let the foaming motion do the work of effortlessly eliminating rust, calcium, and limescale.

If only cleaning the whole bathroom was as easy!

How To Use

Remove tablet from wrapper and place into the toilet bowl. Leave for 20 minutes. Brush and flush.

For heavily soiled toilet bowls, use one or two tablets and leave overnight.
Safety Information

CAUTION: Must only be used in the toilet bowl
Avoid contact with acid sensitive surfaces
Always wash hands after use
Never mix or use with any other chemicals
Do not allow the product to come into contact with chlorine bleach
In case of accidents, rinse with large quantities of water To avoid staining the floor and other objects wipe up spills immediately
Store in a dry place at the temperature of 5°C-25°C
Protect from freezing and direct sun exposure
Causes skin irritation