Evercleaner Tab Kit Glass - 9 Tabs (7745922629888)

Evercleaner Tab Kit Glass - 9 Tabs

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Glass cleaning agent

Everything you need for a clean glass and mirrors

Your Impact:

You save one plastic bottle with each evercleaner tab.
You save up 85% carbon emissions as we don't ship heavy bottles across the country.
Our products are free from harsh chemicals and microplastics.
You save money on every bottle compared to regular cleaning agents.

What you get:

9x cleaning agent tabs - glass cleaner

How to:

Pour 500 ml of water into the everbottle
Drop the tab into bottle and wait 5 minutes
You are ready to go! You just saved one plastic bottle. YAY!


Plant based tensides
No microplastics
Pleasant smell
Evercleaner tabs are eco-friendly cleaning products free of harsh chemicals yet strong at the same time. Our cleaning agents can easily remove day to day stains and dirt. This is not only better for the materials you are cleaning, but also for your health.

Commitment to Sustainable Packaging:

NO plastic foil, NO aluminium, NO fluorocarbons, NO chlorinated hydrocarbons.