Minky M Anti-Bacterial Pet Care Pad (8088558240000)

Minky M Anti-Bacterial Pet Care Pad

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Use a specialised anti-bacterial cleaning pad to handle your pet's mess to avoid cross-contamination around the house! The Pet Pad makes quick work of all cleaning duties and features dual sides for vigorous, thorough scrubbing. Achieve a PAWfessional clean every time with this limited-edition paw print design! Very useful for cleaning skirting boards, doors, and pet food bowls.

Strong, high-density microfiber is excellent for cleaning glass doors. Technology that won't scratch is ideal for eradicating tough stains like mud and spit.

Additional cleaning ability with anti-bacterial protection that stops bacteria from growing on the pad When cleaning, use recognisable colours and patterns to avoid cross-contamination..

The M Cloth Anti-Bacterial Pet Pad works wonderfully for cleaning up after messy pets, such as wiping down smudges on doors, skirting boards, and using the microfibre side for smudges on glass - safe for pets and chemical-free! The scrubbing side is great for getting rid of tough stains like dried-on food on pet bowls, mud, and slobber.

Each pad has been given a long-lasting anti-bacterial treatment to stop bacteria from growing on it.

time-saving, consistently flawless results
Superb performance with increased microfiber cleaning power
safer environment thanks to antibacterial protection that helps stop bacterial contamination
Saves money because cleaning chemicals are not required

Use wet or dry. Hand wash separately in warm soapy water to keep the pad clean and fresh. Re-shape whilst damp and allow to air dry. Each pad is individually sewn by machinists; therefore, size and shape may vary slightly. There may be the occasional thread ends; these can simply be cut off if required with no damage to the pad.

Do not use conditioner or bleach as they may affect the pad's performance or cause the colour to leach. Test on an inconspicuous area before first use.
Buffs and shines mirrors, stainless steel and chrome