Scrub Daddy Grey Style - 1 Pack (8090531365120)

Scrub Daddy Limited Edition Grey - 1 Pack

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Scrub Daddy’s FlexTexture® changes texture based on your water temperature. Firm in cold water for tough scrubbing, soft in warm water for light cleaning. He rinses free of debris, resists odours, and cleans well with water alone. Scratch free on over a dozen surfaces from non-stick to stainless steel and even car exterior paint. His eyes hold onto your fingers and mouth cleans both sides of utensils. Sanitise Scrub Daddy on the top rack of your dishwasher or in the microwave.

Where can you use Grey Scrub Daddy?

Household - cabinets and hardware, floors, walls and baseboards
Kitchen - Dishes, fridge and produce, counters and cutting boards
Outdoor - lawn furniture, swing set. fences and deck railings
Bathroom - shower, sink and toilet, fixtures, cabinets
Scratch Free - Safe on non-stick pans, stainless steel and other delicate surfaces. Test a small area first
Dishwasher Safe - Rinses clean and can be sanitised in dishwasher
Deep Cleaning - Scrub Daddy's eyes provide an ergonomic grip with just two fingers to mould into corners and reach deep into cups
Versatile Smile - Scrub Daddy's smile clean both sides of your spoons, spatulas and other utensils