Scrub Mummy Pink 1 Pack (7745850802432)

Scrub Mummy Pink 1 Pack

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Scrub Mommy features the same ergonomic shape as The Original but in a dual sided design! Her purple and pink FlexTexture® side changes based on your water temperature. Soft in warm water and firm in cool. Her spongy ResoFoam® side is perfect for creating a soapy lather and wiping up spills. She's odour/stain resistant and can be sanitized on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Where can you use Scrub Mommy?

Household - cabinets and hardware, floors, walls and baseboards
Kitchen - Dishes, fridge and produce, counters and cutting boards
Outdoor - lawn furniture, swing set. fences and deck railings
Bathroom - shower, sink and toilet, fixtures, cabinets
Scratch Free - Safe on non-stick pans, stainless steel & other delicate surfaces. Test a small area first
Dishwasher Safe - Rinses clean and can be sanitised in dishwasher
Deep Cleaning - Scrub Mummy's eyes provide an ergonomic grip with just two fingers to mould into corners and reach deep into cups
Versatile Smile - Scrub Mummy's smile clean both sides of your spoons, spatulas and other utensils